Products available to Plastics manufacturers include:

  • Color pigments and pigment dispersions
  • Pearlescent effect pigments from EMD. With its versatility and combined with various plastic types and different colorings, the product portfolio of EMD Performance Materials effect pigments offers a truly unlimited variety of effective styling. In this, the luster effect achieved not only depends on the type of pigment chosen. The properties of the thermoplastic plastics also play a key role in the effect, resulting in very different and fascinating effects in highly transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Effect pigments also have practical advantages. For example, EMD Performance Materials offers a system solution which provides effective protection for products and brands. Security pigments cannot be copied. The use of pigments from the Iriotec® 8000 series allows plastics to be permanently welded and marked using laser radiation. This makes lettering on keyboards and bottle tops, for example, fast and precise with laser marking. The heat-reflecting pigments in the Iriotec® 9000 series are used in a wide range of plastics applications where lightness but little heat is required. Using selective transmission, they let plenty of sunlight through while reflecting a large portion of the solar thermal radiation.
  • Huber Calcium Carbonate products for Plastics.  Huber Engineered Materials offers a comprehensive portfolio of ground calcium carbonate products for use in an array of plastic applications. Calcium carbonates are used to replace expensive resin with very good plastics’ mechanical strength. Key features include gloss, impact strength, opacity, limited plate out, whiteness, stiffness, improved heat dissipation.
  • DayGlo Fluorescent Pigments.  DayGlo colors are bold and distinct, unique and memorable. With an almost infinite palette at our fingertips, DayGlo makes people take notice so that your products stand above the noise. DayGlo works closely with masterbatch producers, designers and manufacturers to explore new avenues of product development and market growth. We specialize in developing pigments suitable for polyolefins for injection molding, blow molding and rotational molding, as well engineering resins, plastisols and vinyl resins.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from EP Minerals.  EP Minerals DE is used as an anti-blocking agent in the production of clear polyethylene and polypropylene films.
  • Titanium Dioxide Pigment from Venator
  • Aluminum and bronze metallic pigments from Schlenk
  • Kaolin extenders from KaMin.  ASP® hydrous pulverized and spray dried kaolins; Buca® hydrous pulverized kaolin; Mattex® engineered high brightness calcined kaolin;s Satintone® calcined kaolins; Translink® high brightness surface treated kaolins; Ultrex® ultra high brightness calcined kaolin