What We Do

Now in our fourth generation, we are the guardian of our Principal’s brand and conduct business in a way that enhances the standing of our Principal with our customer.

  • Our focus is the Principal’s brand, product, image and strategy.
  • Our product lines work in synergy and must be of the highest quality.

We focus and dedicate appropriate resources to effectively promote our Principal’s products.

  • We choose not to have a list of Principals that stretches for pages, but rather to work with a limited number of quality Principals, representing complementary and synergistic product lines, with no internal conflicts.
  • We have well-trained, experienced professionals covering our territory; each Principal’s line has high mind-share for our sales professionals, and therefore for our customers.

We develop a premier sales relationship that involves in-depth knowledge of our customer base, needs, plans and interrelationships.

  • It is our charter to have more than a superficial knowledge of our customers’ businesses.
  • We focus on getting to know our customers through multi-level relationships and frequent and in-depth contacts.
  • Management is actively involved with all Principals and customers.
  • We leverage our carefully-nurtured relationships on our Principal’s behalf.

We maintain the highest degree of communication and assure the flow of pertinent information to our Principals.

  • We strive for full transparency by providing call reports, forecasts, pipelines and sales analyses targeted to our partner’s needs.
  • Significant information is documented.
  • All calls or e-mails are responded to promptly as a matter of philosophy and policy.

We continually plan and follow through on customer action plans to identify and develop targets as well as work to maintain existing business.

  • Call patterns include a combination of existing business and potential business.
  • Calls with Principals are planned, appropriate and purposeful…we do not just fill time.

We strive to remain flexible and cooperative with our Principals.

  • We have passion to sell and a willingness to help a Principal with the big picture of the market and not just work for specific sales.
  • We are here to serve our Principal’s particular needs.