Personal Care

Products available to Personal Care manufacturers include:

  • Fluorescent pigments from Dayglo, for cosmetic products and personal care packaging.  DayGlo Fluorescents will help you illuminate any room you walk into:  DermaGlo™ for Bronzers, Lipsticks, or Eye Shadows; the Starfire® II line (download pdf), the next generation of DayGlo fluorescents which can enhance your products’ shelf appeal with bright, vivid color. When DayGlo fluorescents are combined with other colors the result is cleaner and bolder shades for high impact packaging.
  • Pearlescent pigments and effect fillers from EMD. When beauty means passion, EMD Performance Materials’ ingredients are your choice.  EMD supplies a wide range of specialty fillers and effect pigments for cosmetics and personal care packaging to give your brand uniqueness and elegance. With the tools of functional cosmetics you can create the perfect look for any trend and lifestyle, regardless of skin tone, age, or type of for skin. EMD Functional Fillers can improve skin feel, wear properties and the application features of your cosmetic product.
  • Active Ingredients from EMD (download pdf).  EMD supplies state of the art active ingredients to protect against the sun. At EMD sun protection is a mission. When these ingredients are used with other sun protection measures, they can help reduce the risk of early aging and keep the skin looking healthy.
  • Naturally derived fibers from JRS
  • Aluminum based products from Schlenk for nail enamels and personal care packaging.
  • Specialty Silicas from PQ Corporation