AkzoNobel Performance Additives

AkzoNobel creates everyday essentials to make people’s lives more livable and inspiring. As a major producer of specialty chemicals, AkzoNobel supply essential ingredients, such as the Bermocoll® Cellulosic Thickeners, to industries worldwide.

Performance Additives is a part of AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals, one of the business units within AkzoNobel. They have a unique technology base and experience of cellulose derivatives, with more than 50 years of development, manufacturing and sales of these products.

A dedicated unit with multinational resources.  The combination of a multinational group’s large resources and a dedicated unit’s focus on its customers gives Akzo Performance Additives a unique position. Research and product development has always been guided by our customers and their requirements. We want you to see us as a responsive and responsible business partner, and to regard us as your preferred supplier of rheology additives.

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Bermocoll is available in a wide range of viscosities, and a variety of modified grades. Cellulose is a natural polymer and the main component is wood pulp or cotton linters. When AkzoNobel manufactures Bermocoll, the cellulose reacts with a combination of different substituents such as methyl, ethyl, hydroxyethyl and hydrophobic groups. This process, called etherification, makes Bermocoll water soluble.

High Performance Grades:
Bermocoll Prime Series
Bermocoll Prime has been developed as the next generation of cellulose ethers. It can be used in all types of latex paints ranging from low to high PVC. This new product is suitable for all types of interior and exterior paints and the advantages are most apparent in flat to semigloss finishes.

Performance advantages
• Advanced color compatibility and rheology control to enhance touch up properties
• Optimal rheology profile
• Versatile
• Superior color stability and excellent color development

Excellent color stability is achieved with
Bermocoll Prime within a wide range of colorants
and latex binders. Bermocoll Prime is designed with particular attention to color acceptance and color development and offers reliable color performance. (This means that the color appears in a uniform homogenous manner and at the expected color strength.

Color acceptance is related to the compatibility, distribution and stability of the colorant in the base paint).

Efficient thickening and good stability at low addition rate: paints formulated with Bermocoll Prime show very stable and constant viscosity even when stored at elevated temperatures and are very versatile with respect to compatibility with different kinds of binders.

Advanced Biostable Grades:
Bermocoll EBM series
High viscosity products with enhanced stability. Suitable for paint and building applications.

Performance advantages
• High viscosity grades hence highly efficient
• Outstanding enzyme stability
• Especially appreciated in high PVC formulations like joint compounds, distempers and putties because of good compatibility with fillers
• Low foaming with excellent storage stability and color acceptance

Biostable Grades:
Bermocoll EBS series
We use a specific production technology that makes it possible to produce Bermocoll EBS, which is significantly more resistant to enzymatic attack than most other water soluble gums and polymeric materials. This increased resistance is an important factor when used in latex paints.
Standard Grades:
Bermocoll E and EM series
Performance advantages low viscous
• Maximum open time/water retention
• Leveling
• High application (ICI) viscosity

Performance advantages High viscous
• Efficiency
• Texture
• Economic

Associative Grades:
Bermocoll EHM series and EHM Extra
Performance advantages

• Combines advantages of cellulose ethers with rheological properties of synthetic associative thickeners
• Low spatter
• Good leveling
• Enhanced brushing viscosity

Bermocoll® EHM is a non-ionic associative cellulose-based polymer with enhanced enzymatic resistance. We developed it in order to improve the rheological properties in latex paints.

Bermocoll® EHM combines the performance
of low viscosity cellulose with high thickening

Bermocoll EHM Extra is specially developed to meet the demand for high-quality paint and next generation cellulose derivatives. It maintains all of the advantages of existing hydrophobically modified products, while boosting additional properties such as higher application (ICI) viscosity, color acceptance, reduced color float and enhanced storage stability.