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(Available from Superior in New England and parts of New York.  Please contact us for more information.)

High purity natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments for construction, coatings, plastic and specialty applications; color range including red, yellow, black, brown, sienna, umber, green, tan and ultramarine blue

Oxerra (formerly Cathay Industries) is an internationally recognized leader in innovative product development and the third largest manufacturer of Iron Oxide pigments. Oxerra is committed to producing the highest quality product, utilized in a multitude of applications.

Oxerra currently manufactures and supplies high-purity coatings and construction-grade Iron Oxides.  Oxerra products are manufactured at 14 facilities worldwide, including seven in China, two in Australia and the USA and one in Belgium, South Africa and England.

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Color that is meant to last

Iron oxide pigments have stood the test of time. For centuries, people have relied on the permanence of these pigments to color the world around them. Today, the combination of Oxerra high-quality products and ironclad customer service makes Oxerra the obvious supplier choice.

Oxerra products for Coatings, Plastics and Specialties markets

Coatings, Plastics & Specialty

Oxerra’s range of high-quality iron oxide pigments is suitable for a wide range of coatings, plastics and specialties applications. Whether it’s architectural, powder or coil coatings to high-temperature plastics or high-purity requirements, we’ll help you find a product to meet your needs
Oxerra’s range of high-quality iron oxide pigments is suitable for a wide range of construction applications. Whether it’s color-tinted concrete to asphalt (e.g. bus lanes), masonry, brick and block manufacture, slabs, paving, grout, mortar, roof, floor or wall tiles, we have a solution for your needs.