EP Minerals

Incredible Minerals, Incredible Products EP Minerals is a worldwide leader in diatomaceous earth (DE) for the coatings and plastics industries. EP functional fillers have been proven effective for many years in paint, stucco, and coatings applications. These unique products, made from trillions of microscopic diatoms, make Celatom and CelaBrite the world’s finest paint pigment extenders and flatting agents.

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Celatom® Brights™
High Performance Paint and Coatings Additives
Introducing Celatom Brights™, a broad range of functional products for the paint and coatings industry. High efficiency materials for matting, texture and rheology. – Virtually crystalline silica (CS) free, which means MORE time for business and LESS time on regulatory issues.
– Lower in density than competitive products which allows you to gain MORE performance in your paint formulations with LESS additive.
– Improve TiO2 spacing, so you can use 5-10% LESS TiO2 and save MORE $ on your paint formulation.

Celatom® MW Grades (e.g. MW-25, MW-27)
Celatom® Mineral White (MW) grades of diatomaceous earth (DE) are used in an extremely large variety of industries including aircraft, building & construction, plastics, paint & coatings, and many industrial applications, in addition to cosmetics and dental. – Extremely flexible grades of diatomaceous earth (DE)
– Flux-calcined
– Used as fillers, thickening agents, catalyst support and for friction control

Celatom® MN GradesOur Celatom® Mineral Natural (MN) diatomaceous earth (DE) grades belong to our EP Naturals line of DE products, which are some of our most popular products. Known for their natural, high quality and purity, MN grades are used in agriculture, home & garden, automotive components, ceramic and fertilizer industries.– Part of the EP Naturals line of products
– Natural, high quality & purity
– Can be used as a performance additive, carrier or filler

CelaBrite® Diatomaceous Earth Functional AdditiveCelaBrite® our finest functional additive grade of diatomaceous earth (DE), is used as a paint pigment extender and flatting agent in paints and coatings, and as an anti-blocking agent in the production of clear polyethylene and polypropylene films.– Anti-blocking Agent
– Paint Pigment Extender
– Flatting Agent
– Functional Filler