DURA is a global supplier of Metal Organics and Driers offering market-driven solutions to the paints & coatings, printing inks, unsaturated polyester, polyurethanes, petrochemical, specialty chemicals, lubrication and fuels industries. In addition, DURA develops specialty catalysts and catalyst blends for specific applications to meet specific and demanding performance requirements.

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Paints and CoatingsDURA offers an extensive line of driers and catalysts, as solutions or solventless liquids, to meet virtually every film curing requirement in the paint and coatings industry. DURA specializes in driers for solvent, high solids, alkyd emulsion and water reducible systems; cobalt free driers to address environmental regulations; accelerators, dispersants, anti-skinning agents, and more.
Printing InksPrinting Ink Driers typically consist of only oxidative driers since the very thin ink films do not require through driers. However, there are a number of other metal based and non-metal based additives that can be used to further optimize the drier package. DURA offers a number of standard liquid driers and additives for printing inks.

Unsaturated Polyester ResinsThe cure of unsaturated polyesters is achieved by the use of a metallic accelerator, typically cobalt, and a peroxide or hydroperoxide initiator to effect the oxidative cross linking of the unsaturation in the polyester resin. DURA offers a number of accelearators and additives which can be used to achieve the desired cure profile.
Polyurethane CatalystsEnvironmental and regulatory considerations are redefining the approach to urethane catalysis. The replacement of tin in the form of organotin catalysts is accelerating due to the known toxicity of tin. The current alternative catalyst system of choice, for good activity and lower toxicity, has been found to be bismuth and/ or bismuth/zinc catalysts. Bismuth and Zinc organics can be used to replace Tin organics in applications including flexible foams, elastomers and CASE, as well as in other urethane applications. Bismuth and Zinc organics can provide other benefits such as low odor and low emissivity in application, as is often not the case with amines. Despite the concern often expressed with “heavy metals” and their assumed toxicity, Bismuth in the form of Bismuth organics does not have this concern in today’s regulatory environment.
Chemicals and PetrochemicalsWith years of experience and expertise in the manufacture and supply of metal organics, DURA offers an extensive product line of hydrocarbon soluble metals that can function as catalysts / catalyst precursors in a wide variety of chemical and petrochemical refining applications.
Lubricants and Grease AdditivesDURA manufactures and supplies a line of hydrocarbon soluble metal organics used as lubricant additives. These metal based additives either provide or augment the necessary lubricity for a large variety of applications that require a lubricant or grease. These metal organic lubricant additives function as extreme pressure (EP) additives, corrosion inhibitors, anti-friction / anti-wear additives, antioxidants and acid scavengers. DURA offers the following metal organic lubricant additives which are easily incorporated into both common hydrocarbon base oils as well as many synthetic oils.