Venator (formerly Huntsman Pigments) / Tioxide

TIOXIDE® titanium dioxide pigments
Driving performance

Venator serves a wide range of market sectors from household decorative paints and industrial coatings on ocean liners, cars and steel-framed buildings, to printing inks, fibres, packaging, construction, automotive, medical, health, consumer electronics and sports and leisure.

Our titanium dioxide pigments can be found in everything from the car you drive to your favorite trainers. We understand how the right choice of titanium dioxide pigment is critical to ensure efficient processing and consistency as well as final product performance.

We offer a range of TIOXIDE® pigments to meet demanding industry needs, developed by experts in their field over 80 years of pigment manufacture. As well as reliability, stability and known consistency, our customers can expect excellent dispersion, photo degradation and food contact approval within our TIOXIDE® pigments portfolio and, in an increasingly environmentally aware world, we have created pigment solutions that can help improve working environments*, reduce energy*, unleash capacity* and enable the creation of low VOC and water based paints.

Experience and expertise coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation mean we are well-positioned to help you meet your current and future challenges with confidence.

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Tioxide TR23
TR23 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment. Surface treatments have been chosen to promote dispersion and low moisture absorption.
Tioxide TR28
TR28 pigment is a fine crystal rutile pigment designed for exceptional dispersion and throughput and with very low volatiles for high temperature processing.
Tioxide TR60

TR60 is an ultra durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment. As a result of its dense silica surface treatement, it provides maximum weather resistance.
Tioxide TR90TR90 pigment is a durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment with excellent optical properties.
Tioxide TR93TR93 pigment is a super durable rutile titanium dioxide pigment with excellent optical properties.