Schlenk Metallic Pigments

Schlenk manufactures a wide range of metallic pigments (aluminum and goldbronze), vacuum-metalized pigments (VMP) and metallic press-ready inks, leafing and non-leafing, surface-treated or not.

Applications include coatings (liquid and powder coat) (click here), printing inks (click here), plastics (click here) and personal care (nail enamel).

SCHLENK is a family owned company founded in 1879 by Carl Schlenk and still actively led by
the fourth generation.  Today the SCHLENK group has around 950 employees worldwide and production sites in Germany (4), Czech Republic, Slovenia, USA and China. A technology driven company, dedicated to innovation and continuous product improvement. Our highly skilled Research and Development teams ensure that SCHLENK stays at the forefront of metallic pigment and technology

Modern aluminum pigments are produced in a wet milling process in ball mills (Hall Process), whereas goldbronze pigments are produced in a dry milling process (Hametag Process). The manufacturing process begins with milling atomized aluminum powder to the desired particle size and form in white spirit / mineral spirits with the addition of lubricating additives. After a screening and classification process, the pigment suspension in the mixer is pressed out and the “press cake“ is adjusted with solvents to a metal content of typically 65 %. Should the end application require solvents other than hydrocarbons (ex. pastes in water, water miscible solvents, or other types of solvents), the press cake is dried and the powder again is pasted with the required solvents or water.

Vacuum Metallized Pigments (VMPs), Schlenk’s DECOMET® series, are produced by releasing aluminum of metallized films. The aluminum is then further processed and the particle size adjusted. These pigments are considerably thinner and offer a surface which is substantially smoother and therefore much more reflective than conventional aluminum flakes. Depending on the production process we distinguish between

  • Cornflakes – standard flake with rough edges and uneven surface
  • Silverdollars – refined flake with smooth edges and flat surface
  • Vacuum Metallized Pigments (VMPs) – ultra thin, very smooth flake

With modern surface treatments other requirements can also be achieved:

  • humidity resistance and intercoat adhesion for automotive OEM
  • circulation resistance for automotive OEM
  • “shock-proof“ TV-cabinet coatings
  • chemical resistance for consumer electronics, appliances, and automotive interior
  • weathering resistance for external use (powder coating, coil coating)


Coatings Industry
Metallic pigments are utilized in the coatings industry for numerous and differing applications. Besides creating the typical “metallic effect”, they are also used to impart functional requirements such as corrosion protection, conductivity, and others. Example applications include:

• Automotive Coatings
– Refinish
– Parts and Accessories
• Plastic Coatings (ex. Consumer Electronics)
– TV Cabinets, cell phones, cameras, computer housings, etc.
• Coil Coatings
• Can Coatings
• Powder Coatings
• General Industrial Coatings
• Anti-Corrosion Coatings
• Watercraft Primer Coatings
• Roof Coatings
• Decorative Coatings (including aerosol)
• and many more

Printing Ink Industry• Aluminum Pigments
• Vacuum Metallized Pigments
• Goldbronze Pigments
• Pigments for Gravure & Flexographic
• Printing Inks
• Aluminum Pigments leafi ng
• Aluminum Pigments non leafi ng
• Vacuum Metallized Pigments
• Goldbronze Pigments
• Pigments for Screen
• Printing Inks
• Aluminum Pigments leafing
• Aluminum Pigments non leafing
• Vacuum Metallized Pigments
• Goldbronze Pigments

And a range of press-ready inks

Plastics Industry
A range of products for coloring plastics and masterbatches:

• Aluminum pastes
• Aluminum powders
• Aluminum pellets
• Goldbronze pastes
• Goldbronze powders
• Goldbronze flitter