Natural Minerals

The story of why Natural Minerals talc is superior goes back 3,000,000 years. Geologically, the mineral deposits at the Texas mine cooled just right to produce macro crystals and large platelets perfect for today’s industrial applications.

Industrial Talc Products:  Amtal Series

  • Natural Minerals offers a wide range of ultra-fine to coarse products.
  • Median particle size selection range between 2-to-12 microns.
  • Classified products available in <0.4%free moisture.
  • Dark talc options available.

Proven Talc Reserves Exceed 100 Years
• American Talc Deposits
• American Production Facilities
• American Ownership

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Amtal for Ceramics
Applications include: Wall and floor tiles, table ware, sanitary ware, electric insulators, porcelain, hobby ware, technical ceramics, and steatite ceramics.
Amtal for Paints and CoatingsIn addition to the ceramic talc mines, Natural Minerals owns and operates mines with whiter, platy talcs that are widely used in industrial primer and exterior finishes. These talcs improve flatting, leveling, brushing ability, and suspension properties while reducing gloss.

Talc is an economical replacement allowing a reduction in pigment costs. Talc has rust inhibiting and corrosion resistant properties, which helps produce improved installed life and provides superior finishing paints.

Amtal for Plastics
Talc is widely used in the plastics industry as an inexpensive filler and it adds desirable traits to various plastic products. Some of talc’s traits in plastics are listed below.

– Talc improves the tensile strength and dimensional stability of all types of plastics.
– Talc improves the thermal and electrical resistance of plastic products
– Talc is chemically inert and improves the chemical resistance of the plastic.
– Talc reduces the abrasiveness for handling and lowers the cutting costs in production.
– Talc improves the UV resistance and increases outdoor life in many plastics.
– Talc reduces the weight of plastic when compared with limestone fillers.

Many Natural Minerals plastics customers have used their products for over 25 years. These talcs provided very effective lower cost options where high purity talc of lower brightness can be used. The automotive plastic industry, the wood composite industry, the recycle plastic for lawn furniture, and railroad ties industries are examples of existing and new customers who are using more cost effective talcs.

Amtal for RoofingTalc is a premium back-surface material for laminated shingles and asphalt roofing.

– Reduces the volume of back-surface material
– Reduces the shingle weight
– Improves production speeds
– Reduces knife and machine wear
– Speeds up the drying process and almost eliminates the sticking process of wet shingles
– Natural Minerals talcs are color compatible with other shingle components (i.e. gray and black).