Micro Powders Personal Care Division

Micro Powders designs and manufactures innovative specialty micronized waxes to help chemists and formulators achieve the performance demands that they require in their new products. Whether it’s pressed or loose powders, exfoliating washes, color cosmetics, creams, lotions, sunscreens or other personal care applications, their waxes can add just the right flow, texture and feel to give your products the winning touch.

Micro Powders produces the finest synthetic, polyethylene, PTFE, Polylactic acid, polypropylene and natural waxes, and use these materials to create distinctive micronized wax products and specialized blends. Their specialty micronized wax additives are designed to enhance the aesthetics of both color cosmetics and skin care formulations.

Since 1971, they have developed a reputation of excellence based on innovative product design, product quality, commitment to attentive customer service and outstanding technical support.  Micro Powders, the innovative and technically advanced choice.

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Finely micronized, high molecular weight polypropylene waxes. Mattewax products reduce the sheen of liquid or powder formulations and provide a long-lasting smooth matte finish. Spherical grades available.
Microslip®Micronized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powders
MicropolyFinely micronized polyethylene powders. Spherical grades available.….
MicrosilkGrades are unique micronized combinations of polyolefins and PTFE.
MicroeaseMicronized synthetic wax. Spherical grades available.
MicrocareUnique micronized combinations of wax polymers and natural carnauba wax.
Microscrub®Large particle size, high molecular weight polyethylene powders available in several particle size distributions for exfoliating applications.
AquascrubLine of exfoliants produced with oxidized polyethylene for better stability in aqueous systems. Available in three particle size distributions.
Microspersions®Unique dispersions designed for ease of incorporation and optimum performance efficiency.
SpectrabeadLarge particle size, high molecular weight polyethylene powders, permanently colored. Available in a variety of colors (including blue, red and green) for unique visual effects.
NaturebeadSpherical particles utilizing natural waxes for use as exfoliating agents. Natural waxes include rice bran wax, jojoba, carnauba and beeswax.
Natural SpectrabeadSpherical grades made from all-natural rice bran wax. Available in blue, green and red for unique visual effects.
SynscrubPermanently colored economical exfoliants produced with synthetic wax powders. Synscrub products have a spherical particle shape that allows the particles to gently roll across the skin. Permanent colors available are blue, green and red. Also available uncolored.