Evonik Silica

Evonik Precipitated Silica, Fumed Silica, Fumed Metal Oxides & Matting Agents

Superior Materials, Inc. is the Evonik Silica distributor for Northern New Jersey and Southern New York State.  Our product line includes AEROSIL® Fumed Silica, AEROXIDE® Metal Oxides, AERODISP® Dispersions, SIPERNAT® Specialty Silica, SIDENT® Specialty Silica, and ACEMATT® Matting Agents.

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AEROSIL® Fumed Silica and AEROXIDE® Fumed Metal Oxides
AEROSIL® Fumed Silica and AEROXIDE® Fumed Metal Oxide are extremely versatile products, with a wide range of functions, including thixotropy, reinforcement, thickening, dispersion stabilization (suspension) and flow. Hydrophobic, hydrophilic, granulated and dispersed products are available.

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AERODISP® DispersionsFumed silica, in various grades and modifications, has been used for decades in the field of coatings as thixotropes, antisettling and anti-sag agents. However, water, because of its low viscosity and high dielectric constant, has proved to be a poor grinding medium for fumed silica, making it difficult to achieve the degree of de-aggregation and dispersion of particles needed to achieve optimum benefits in waterborne coatings. Without proper dispersion, efficacy is compromised and surface appearance properties suffer. Both of these concerns can be overcome by employing pre-made dispersions in water of fumed silica. Evonik Industries offers a wide variety of fumed silica, alumina and titania dispersions in their AERODISP® line of products.

Lab evaluations have demonstrated that multiple performance attributes can be enhanced by the use of AERODISP® fumed silica dispersions such as, improvement of pigment, filler and matting agent suspension, reduced tack, improved dirt pick-up resistance, enhanced film strength, and even improved coalescence of some resins, without compromising gloss and other appearance attributes.

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ACEMATT® Matting Agents
ACEMATT® Matting Agents can alter a surface in such a way that the light falling on it is scattered in a defined fashion. The matting agent particles stand out from the coating, ink, or plastic surface, invisible to the eye. Neither the color of the coating (or the base in the case of a clearcoat) is significantly affected.

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SIPERNAT® Specialty SilicaSIPERNAT® Specialty Silica is invaluable for its free-flow and carrier properties. These products are used across an incredible breadth of applications, including adhesives and sealants, defoamers, paint and coatings, personal care, pharmaceuticals and printing inks.

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SIDENT® Specialty SilicaSIDENT® Specialty Silica is designed for dental applications. For example, SIDENT® 10 is an abrasive silica with high hardness and low thickening for toothpaste formulations with improved cleaning efficiency. SIDENT® 22 S is used as a rheological additive in toothpaste formulations with an important influence on the performance properties. The abrasive silica SIDENT® 8 features low hardness and moderate thickening behavior. The abrasive silica SIDENT® 9 combines a moderate hardness with moderate thickening behavior.

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