Building and Construction Products

See also the CASE page (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants Elastomers).  There is significant overlap between products and applications for CASE and for Building & Construction Products.  The products listed below are focused particularly on Building and Construction Products (typically cementitious products).

Products available to Building & Construction Products manufacturers include:

  • ELOTEX® Redispersible Polymer Powders
  • BERMOCOLL®  building material additives for modern dry mix mortars in construction
  • Imerys ImerFill for Concrete Applications (brochure)
  • Other Imerys Calcium Carbonates for Building applications. Typically, coarser grades of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) are used in many of the construction applications due to low cost. The fine particle sized grades and precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) are used to provide value-added properties to the end-user products such as smoother and higher gloss of product surface, impact resistance and extension of TiO2 components in the formulation.
  • MetaMax® high quality pozzolanic cement additive.  MetaMax® high-reactivity metakaolin product is an ultrafine pozzolan that enhances the strength, durability, appearance, and workability of portland cement concrete and cement-based products. MetaMax® can increase both the early strength and the fully cured strength of concrete due to its pozzolanic reactivity.
  • Industrial reinforcing fibers from JRS. Plaster, tile adhesives, grouting for gypsum plasterboard, glue and reinforcing compounds for thermal insulation systems, joint and other fillers, bituminous products, PU and epoxy resin floor coverings, one or two component glues and sealing compounds, spreadable wood chip, magnesite screeds/ floor pavements, scrap/waste paper.
  • Industrial Talc from Natural Minerals.  Talc is a premium back-surface material for laminated shingles and asphalt roofing.  Among other benefits, talc reduces the volume of back-surface material; reduces the shingle weight; improves production speeds; reduces knife and machine wear; speeds up the drying process and almost eliminates the sticking process of wet shingles;  Natural Minerals talcs are color compatible with other shingle components (i.e. gray and black).